International Psychic Medium/Angel Channel/Reiki Spiritual Healing Master/Medical Intuitive, Teaching Metaphysical classes on meditation, opening to your own abilities as well as instructing  you how to do self healing and healing on others. Leslie is also a Psychic Detective to help find the missing and lost in a volunteer capacity!  She's a future author with new books coming out soon!

Leslie uses no tools except what she receives from Spirit. Leslie is a Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Medical Intuitive and a strong Remote Viewer.  Her abilities are amazing. Leslie believes 100% in God and the amazing Divine Spiritual Helpers that are with her. Leslie is able to see inside the human body by remote viewing, picking up information for her clients regarding what's going on inside their body.  She is able to connect to loved ones who have crossed over and bring you their messages of love.  She identifies the traits they present to her and other information that only you would know so you may understand that they still exist, that we never die. Leslie believes we are connected to every living thing and knows that God resides within us all. Able to answer questions related to work, career, love, relationships, finances and any other topic her clients wish to ask her on. All work/messages is done through Prayer and a humble heart!

"I am here to bring the truth of what I see, hear, feel, know, and even smell and taste"  "All I do, I do with love, prayer and recognize that is is God working through me and I am but His Servant and Conduit to give messages to others"

Leslie knows that  LOVE is all that is important in life and true healing comes from understanding that God is real, active and present in our lives every day.  That our loved ones are still with us and able to communicate through her.  With every reading Leslie is providing healing energy that is channeled from Spirit.  She seeks to heal the heart, mind and soul of every client.  As the seasons change, so does Leslie as her abilities continue to grow and evolve on a daily basis.  She is constantly striving to reach higher levels of awareness to be better able to serve others.

Leslie is an instructor that teaches others to tap into their own unique and beautiful God given abilities.  She seeks to help you discover yours, and open up to your own potential.  Releasing fear and doubt, helping you to understand different energies and the differences that lie within them. She sees the angels that are with us, your aura or energies that surround you, your guides and uses them to connect to loved ones via spirit. Teaching clients how to meditate, make deeper connections, protections techniques, how to raise your own vibrations, and how to live a truly balanced life using simple techniques to reduce stress and illness. Her background in nursing helps her when she is remote viewing your body, though no medical advice can be given, she will tell you all she sees.

Leslie is an amazing healer...

With the blessing of God she provides powerful healing, done with prayer and love. She does this with the intention of bringing a person into a state of wholeness and wellness. Her focus is on chronic pain, mental/emotional wellness, spiritual issues, acute pain, anxiety and depression. God has blessed her with amazing healing energy and the ability to remote view inside the body, intuitively picking up areas that need attention. Her healing ability is exceptional. Clearing your energy fields, releasing negative, stagnant energy, and speaking to your body with the intention of healing your spirit, mind and physical self. Leslie is a Master Reiki/Spiritual Healing instructor who also teaches others to use this beautiful gift that is available to us all. She has designed her own method of healing and is working on several training manuals that will assist others in learning her unique, spiritual healing methods.

Leslie works through God and Channels God's Divine Energy, all glory and gratitude goes to The Almighty for it is Him that has blessed her with this task and beautiful energy!! AMEN. 

"My constant all-loving "I AM" presence, your light is within me and all around me.  Cause the White Light within me to expand and encircle me in love.  Fill every cell of my physical body, every thought of my mind and every essence of my spirit with Your Light. Manifesting this as a White Shower of Light through which nothing negative can ever pass. AMEN" - Leslie

She is now part of the Body Mind Spirit Directory for Washington State, and is widely recognized for her skills as a medium and spiritual healer. Schedule time with her today and let her help you.

Text or email to set up prepaid appointments. (406)945-1858